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Installation Services

Your goal—a healthy, happy horse that performs at his best every day. Our premium riding surfaces will help you achieve that goal, and our installation expertise will ensure that every day you have the best possible ride.

Wordley Martin Equestrian offers exclusive footing products and equestrian arena architecture and construction. We have studied around the globe to develop our system for arena construction and in choosing our line of surfacing products.

We consider every factor when we assess, design, build and install the footing for your premium riding arena. Because Wordley Martin Equestrian is a unique and structured system, each arena offers optimal performance and consistency.

Our footing is a distinct blend of materials and technology that can be customized for any arena.  To ensure the best possible installation, we put our experts to work on your project. To gain better insight into our expertise & capabilities, please  Contact Us for an appointment!

Riding Ring Construction

Wordley Martin Equestrian can convert an existing arena or start from scratch or renovate your existing riding ring.  Riding ring construction is our area of expertise, and involves several main project components:

Site Analysis

We begin with a thorough site analysis. We consider soil composition, natural drainage and slope, climate, number of horses and riding disciplines. With these factors in mind, we draft a design for your arena.


It’s not just about laying down quality footing. Your arena is constructed using a multi-layered process that optimizes the materials available in your area. First, we stabilize the sub-grade material. Next, the sub-base and base phase of the project are completed. We work within your geographic area to provide the best base for your ring. Finally, we customize an irrigation plan that optimizes your current water availability. A perimeter, available in a variety of materials, ensures proper drainage, as well as arena longevity.


Once your arena is constructed, Wordley Martin Equestrian carefully installs our exclusive surfacing products.
The result is a safe and effective training surface.

The Final Result

Check out one example of our professionally designed and installed arenas, featured at HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York.  See for yourself why investing in the perfect arena and surface is the right decision for your horses, your riders and the value of your property!

Please contact us today to discuss an appropriate footing solution for your current riding surface!