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Arena Flooring

Amendments, such as textiles and fibers, are added to sand to improve the properties to riding surfaces. Geo-Textile, a shredded textile, stabilizes the sand particles, thus mimics the effect of the rooting system of turf, which has a stabilizing effect on the surrounding soil particles. Geo-Textile products give more resilience, reduce the amount of packing and help to hold moisture in the surface, which leads to reduced dust as well.

Wordley Martin will work with clients to create a customized surface solution by combining our materials with an existing ring surface, or by recommending solutions to upgrade overall footing materials.

Note: There are an enormous variety of sand qualities on the market, and many factors which decide whether the sand is suitable as footing.  Sand which is well suited for an indoor riding arena might be completely unsuitable for an all-weather outdoor riding arena. Combining Geo-Textile or other footing materials with the correct type of sand is required in order to build a safe & correct ring surface. Please contact Wordley Martin to consult with our footing experts, in order to determine which material is the correct product choice for you.

  • Geo-Textile
  • Fiber
  • Elastic Fiber


  • Reduces dust
  • High water storage capability
  • Optimal impact resistance
  • Higher slide strength and additional stability
  • Prevents packing
  • Offers perfectly adapted spring
  • Makes the surface fluffy to avoid injuries of the equine legs
  • Facilitates a strong jump and a secure landing
  • Improves the shear strength of the surface
  • Guarantees equal soil conditions for each competitor
  • Balances the different structure of the arena footing
  • Extended lifetime of your arena surface (up to 10 years)

Geo-Textile is a complimentary addition to riding arenas and enhances the integrity of your footing when mixed with sand.  We can do the installation, or you can mix the material on site yourself.




  • Increases impact and shear resistance
  • Extends lifetime of your arena surface

PES Fibers are 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches long and work like a root system through the sand. These fibers are the ingredients integrated with the Geo-Textile products which can be added to other surfaces. An analysis of your existing footing surface must be performed to determine if your existing sand surface is compatible.


Elastic Fiber


  • Increases shear
  • Extends lifetime of your arena surface
  • Keeps the footing elastic


Elastic Fiber are small cut elastic fibers which are about ½ inch long. This special fiber optimizes shear resistance and makes the footing flexible and springy. It is mainly being used for horse race tracks, gallops and jumping arenas in combination with our Geo-Textile product.

Elastic fiber acts like a root system, binds sand particles and other additives together resulting in a very high footing stability.