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Horse Walkers

Wordley Martin Equestrian takes great pride in our knowledge within the equestrian industry, partnering with the best product providers in the country.    Our service and product offerings go beyond our footing expertise and arena designs, offering site prep and installation of the following horse walkers.

MK Horse Walkers USA

MK Horse Walkers USA is the official Molenkoning distributor for the USA and Canada. We strive to offer the safest and best quality equestrian equipment at a fair price. We take great pride in offering horse walkers manufactured by a company with a long history of quality and integrity. We offer horse walkers for sale, as well as offer set up and installation nation wide. We work with our clients one-on-one to find customized horse walkers solutions and to ensure their new horse walker meets all of of their needs. Our team consists of experience horsemen who understand the importance of safety for your horse. Our decades of experience allow us to help our clients select the right horse walker set up for their farm. 


WalkerBoy®, owned by Roel Hofman, produces an exceptionally designed “free standing” horse walkers and accessories. This walker allows horses in training, and those in rehabilitation, to exercise freely in a controlled, safe, compartmentalize environment.

The designs are customized for the client with multiple horses in work, allowing users to individualized work patterns for their horses from the simplest “on/off” program, to a tailored, computerized exercise program. The WalkerBoy® gives clients an edge, allowing them to maintain basic training routines for multiple horses, minimizing personnel and operational expenses.

WalkerBoy® prides itself on providing a safe design with the natural movement of the horse in mind. Its goals are to give each horse using this walker the opportunity to exercise in a comfortable environment where the animal feels unrestrained to work yet completely and safely confined.

For 30 years, WalkerBoy® has dedicated their time and expertise to designing a reliable walker that is ideal for horses of all disciplines.