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Our Products

After competing in 22 countries and riding on many different types of surfaces, the founders of Wordley Martin Equestrian were determined to make effective, safe footing available to North American riders.  They have studied around the globe to bring to the US market our exclusive footing products and our equestrian arena architecture and construction.

Your horse’s comfort, confidence and longevity are shaped by their daily training surface. Footing that is too heavy and unstable can result in soft tissue damage, such as suspensory tendonitis, because of the extra propulsion needed to leave the ground. Hard surfaces are often worse. Joint and skeletal problems of the legs, back and shoulders are common ailments caused by highly concussive surfaces.

Wordley Martin Equestrian has the antidote to bad footing. Our line of products offer the optimal amount of cushion, give and grip that are needed for your horse to train safely and confidently.

Our footing materials are a blend chosen for their unique cushioning and giving effects. Not only do they offer the perfect landing and takeoff for each footfall, their naturally superior drainage ensures consistency regardless of the amount of precipitation. Our surfaces can withstand an amazing amount of rainfall so your training goes uninterrupted.

Wordley Martin also offers a expansive list of equine related products that will complement your new ring and your facility so you can train at the top of your game.

Your goal—a healthy, happy horse that performs at his best every day. Our premium riding surfaces & complementary product line will help you achieve that goal.