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WM Ride-Rite Winter Agents

Wordley Martin Equestrian has applied its expertise in innovative chemistries to address the ever increasing demands of the equestrian industry. Wordley Martin Equestrian’s line of winter agents are custom manufactured for specific application rates and weather conditions, ensuring consistency in your arena footing and thus in your daily riding experience.


Wordley Martin’s Ride-Rite winter Agents for horse arenas take efficiency to a new level by improving application and lowering application rates. Their unique chemistry retards freezing and ensures weather conditions won’t affect riding conditions. The application stays where it belongs, in the soil, combating microbial growth when hot weather returns.

Storage and Handling

Wordley Martin’s Ride-Rite has excellent storage stability that can be enhanced by storing at room temperature.

It comes in our required 250 gallon Poly Tote, made of the preferred plastic material for storage.

Pricing: $6.18 /gallon.

Storage Tank Required – $150


  • Optimal application rate: 50 gallons/1000 sq. ft. (0.05 gallons/sq. ft.)
  • Minimum application rate: 30 gallons/1000 sq. ft. (0.03gallons/sq. ft.)
  • Apply entire amount at one time. Do not dilute the product.
  • Rinse line thoroughly, product is eco friendly therefore totes can be reused.
  • Ring moisture should be 30% +/- 5% before application for best results.
  • Product can be applied using any standard size spray nozzle.
  • Application rates may vary with climate and ring configuration.
  • Wordley Martin will consult with potential clients for the correct order quantity & application rate.

For additional information on the safe handling of our product, see the Ride Rite Safety Info PDF

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