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System Fencing Stall Systems

Wordley Martin announces our joint venture with System Fencing Ltd. and Odyssey Performance Ltd. of Rockwood, Ontario. With over 28 years of horse stall design and manufacturing, System Fencing and Odyssey Performance recognizes the need to design and manufacture equine stalls and rehab equipment of the utmost quality, while keeping the price competitive without cutting corners in the manufacturing process.

System Fencing Ltd. and Odyssey Performance Ltd. design and manufacture on-site ensuring high standards and the ability to monitor the design and manufacturing process from start to installation. The goal has always been to create horse stalls and rehabilitation equipment with both the horse and operator’s safety in mind.

Nobleman Stalls

The European aesthetic on the Nobleman horse stall system brings a special sophistication to any facility.

The large V-openings, round steel posts, and brass accents simply exude grandeur. The Nobleman’s unique V-doors have the ability to be easily opened, closed, or removed.

The standard Nobleman package includes heavy-duty doors, four round posts, round track hardware, and decorative flanges.  There’s a host of options to truly customize your Nobleman, such as feed doors, feed openings, full-grill doors, and decorative brass or chrome finials.

Maverick Stalls

The Maverick stall series is a true statement piece. The unique swooping front creatively sets this design far from the others.

If you’re looking for something different that is sure to make everyone’s head turn as they step foot into your stable, then this is the stall for you.

This design allows horses to enjoy the social atmosphere of the barn while safely inhibiting them from getting too close to one another.

Venetian Stalls

The Venetian stall series is best known for its elegance featuring a soft European touch with its unique, centered door.

The finest details have been considered with the design of this masterpiece. Built with horses safety and handler’s ease in mind, this stall is beautiful as well as functional.

The Venetian is a wonderful addition to any stable looking for something that will elicit awe in the eyes of all those who visit.

Wellington Stalls

Clean lines and an open-concept feel are the standout characteristics of our Wellington stall series.

With its European-inspired elegance, the Wellington is a fantastic choice for those looking for a classic, uniform style.

Our superior craftsmanship and precision during the manufacturing process shows in every detail, making the Wellington a timeless option.