Satisfied Clients

Wordley Martin Premium Equestrian Surfaces sets the standard for riding ring installation. See why satisfied clients from across the nation choose Wordley Martin for their arena & farm construction projects!

TerraNova is excited to announce the construction of six Wordley Martin arenas at our new show facility. We have enjoyed working with the creative minds on the Wordley Martin team, and we are looking forward to showcasing these beautiful arenas at our inaugural event, The Event at TerraNova, October 8-10, 2021. Competitors can expect excellent footing and a few unique touches that will make the experience quite special for all levels of riders!

Hannah Ketelboeter – TerraNova Equestrian

I go way back with Wordley Martin and think that I was one of their original clients in Virginia in 2008. They build a superior arena, so when we had the opportunity to put in a couple more in here (Ocala), they were our first call.

Will Coleman Equestrian

It's taken 10 years but it was finally time to completely redo the footing in out indoor and we chose Wordley Martin. They are truly experts in the field of equestrian footing and we've been so impressed working with them. It's just spectacular and everyone at PDF, horses included, are so excited to train on such class footing.

Benita Strini

The only thing that was missing at Glenlin Farm was a world class riding ring. Wordley Martin is the leader in their industry for quality, consistency and attention to detail, hands down. We now have a spectacular full drainage ring with exceptional footing and a fully automated irrigation system. Our horses deserve nothing but the best and I’m grateful Wordley Martin enabled us to give them just that!

Martha Geiger

When choosing my surface, I didn’t hesitate, as I only wanted the best! WM footing combines durability and easy maintenance with performance and safety for our horses. Every level of rider and horse – from ponies to top sport horses – is able to take advantage of the WM surface. There isn’t much more anyone could ask for!

Brianne Goutal-Marteau

Rain or shine our Wordley Martin footing is always perfect to jump on.

Ilan Ferder

I have ridden on a lot of different surfaces and in my opinion Wordley Martin’s product is the best.

Jonathan Asselin

I asked Wordley Martin for footing not too deep or too dusty, and they absolutely hit it on-point. Everyone who comes here to ride or try horses comments that it is the best footing in the world!

Claudia Neureiter, Lassergut Farms USA

The horses all feel great flatting and especially jumping because the footing absorbs the concussion very well. They love it!

Tiffany Foster, Artisan Farms

"WHEN we decided to built a small but state of the art equestrian facility I had a very clear vision of what was most important for our success, our horse facilities with the arena front and center; we new that our success began with the best possible arena. We have very expensive horses doing amazing things and we needed an arena that would protect our investment. We consulted with the top renown contractors and finally decided on Wordley Martin, as they provided us with the comfort We needed knowing that they would not cut corners. After two seasons we are proud to say that when most arenas flood during heavy rains ours is completely dry and functional. It really strikes me how we are willing to spend ungodly amounts of money on horses and then we provide them with a sub-par arena to develop."

Jorge Valdes, Bella Equestrian, Wellington, FL

Wordley Martin performed a very professional, diligent and beautiful service at my farm. I am very grateful for the very practical, safe and useful arena surface for my Arabian Horses. Thank you ~ Pat Dempsey

Pat Dempsey – Beloveds Farm

Our new Wordley Martin ring in Wellington is fantastic! We had a lot of early rains shortly after the ring was completed and we were able to continue training all the horses every day. Craig Martin recommended that we absolutely install the complete underground drainage system and he was right. Many of our neighboring rings were under water for days while we were high and dry. For a first year installation, we don’t think we could have expected anything more. The footing firmed up nicely and surprisingly quickly. Any small issues that cropped up were fixed immediately and professionally. We think next year the ring will ride even better. Now to get the ring in Atlanta finished! Thank you Craig and Sharn and your entire staff for a job well done. Team Land. Kim, Jay, Frances and Taylor Land Alpharetta, Georgia Wellington, Florida

Kim, Jay, Frances and Taylor Land

Kim, Jay, Frances and Taylor Land

I have built three Wordley Martin arenas and I love them all, they are amazing! The Wordley Martin folks are a pleasure to work with, totally professional, caring and knowledgeable. My footing was ready right after a Wellington downpour. All the professionals I have trained with are amazed by the quality of the footing and the entire presentation of the arenas. It is equal too or better than the shows I have gone too. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed in any way.

Maura Weis

I produce and sell world class show jumping horses, when it comes to the footing that my horses work on at home, I am very uncompromising. Working with Wordley Martin footing has given me one of the nicest all-weather sand arenas I have had to date. My Worldley Martin ring provides the best protection for my horses when jumping up to a 1.60m, which gives me peace of mind while producing my horses to be their very best.

Andrew Bourns

Somerset Farms LLC is a boutique business focusing on the hunter/jumper market. Steven Gregorio works with owner Ali Davidson to source, train and sell their investment horses. We became connected to Wordley Martin through Craig Martin, who sold us our property in August. He has been so helpful and I was amazed how fast the renovations were completed. Steven and I are extremely satisfied with the footing everyday! The horses are happier and performing better and my clients are amazed that there haven't been any puddles and they absolutely love the ring.

Ali Davidson

This footing system works with the functional musculoskeletal dynamics of the horse, not against it. It puts less stress on ligaments and tendons while supporting the efficiency of locomotion for the equine athlete.

Duncan Peters DVM, MS

Duncan Peters DVM, MS

Wordley Martin did an excellent job with the time frame we had to make the ring and after two years of use and heavy traffic daily the ring has perform great regardless of the weather. We never have a day without riding due to the ring, I will definitely use their services again.

Diego Morales

Adult Amateur Show Jumper

The quality of this footing is amazing and it is so easy to maintain. I wouldn’t consider training on any other footing.