The WM Arena Drag conditions your riding arena effortlessly with unique design features including a combination of ripper teeth and spring tines. An aggressive single row of adjustable ripper teeth in front have a spacing of 5 inches and a working depth of at least 3 inches.

The rear 2 rows of spring tines are offset and can be adjusted by a manual ratchet. The articulated swivel allows for easy maneuverable operation around obstacles in your arena. The spring tines give an ultimate mixing effect of the surface. The front and rear 12 inch bar rollers pulverize and pack to the desired density, leaving an attractive pattern finish.

Specifications: Model: WM 72 WM 96
Working Width: 6 Ft 8 Ft
Working Depth: 3 in 3 in
Hitch: Cat 1&2 Cat 1&2
Weight: Approx. 900 lbs. Approx. 1,200 lbs.

Wordley Martin Arena Maintenance Tutorial from Darondo Productions on Vimeo.