ComfortStall® is the veterinarian-recommended, orthopedic padded and sealed flooring system that goes beyond comfort, for healthier horses, improved air quality in the stable, and lower expenses for stall bedding and maintenance.  Wordley Martin Equestrian is proud to work in partnership with Haygain to bring clients this state of the art product, for the comfort of your horse. 

ComfortStall top ten benefits:

1. Improves joint health. Improved movement, flexibility and hoof quality through enhanced support for joints, tendons and ligaments from the therapeutic properties of ComfortStall’s level surface that springs back with each step.

2. Improves respiratory health. Stable air quality is greatly improved because the sealed impermeable one-piece IroncladTM Top Cover prevents the build-up of urea bacteria and the off-gassing of harmful ammonia.

3. Eliminates hock sores caused by flooring. Thanks to the padded and non-abrasive surface, hooves sink into the flooring so horses can lie down and get up without slipping or scuffling.

4. Improves quality of rest. Horses have been seen sleeping on bare ComfortStall flooring for hours at a time, getting their all-important REM sleep.

5. Relieves horses suffering from sore feet and symptoms of laminitis. The padded flooring provides a comfortable and supportive cushion to stand on and encourages the horse to lie down more easily and more often.

6. Reduces the need for stable bandaging. The ‘spring’ from the cushioned flooring massages the horse’s frogs, which stimulates blood circulation.

7. Provides recumbent whole-body support. The padded flooring system provides the needed ‘give’ under the hip, shoulder and pastern bones when the horse lies down and rises.

8. Provides thermal insulation. ComfortStall insulates from the cold and damp from concrete and packed-earth floors.

9. Requires less bedding. ComfortStall significantly reduces the need to use shavings, straw or other bedding for comfort and protection – bedding is needed only to absorb body waste.

10. Substantial Return on Investment. Up to 75% less bedding, reduced cleaning time and no flooring maintenance add up to significant cost reduction, and a typical Return on Investment of less than one year.

* 75% reduction in shavings on average

ComfortStall® Flooring System Brochure

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