It’s Officially Hurricane Season in Florida. Are You Ready?

 3 July 2018     No Comments

September 10, 2017 Hurricane Irma pounded the entire state of Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane causing extensive damage. With the ever changing forecast models, Irma was difficult to predict where its path would hit the hardest. Millions of people who evacuated from South East Florida to go West or North ended up in the direct path of Irma’s destruction with no where to go.
Several Wellington, FL residents struggled to get their horses out of harms way.  It took some residents approximately 16 hours to drive 245 miles from Wellington to Ocala, normally a 3.5 hour drive. It is essential to start planning your hurricane procedures now to ensure you and your horses are prepared to ride it out or evacuate in a timely manner.
Wordley Martin takes great pride in our arena design and how our footing stands up to the elements!  Even though heavy rain storms pound Wellington during rain season, our Wordley Martin Arenas are designed to handle heavy rain and drain exceptionally well!  We hope that you’ll take our expertise into account when deciding on your next arena builder.