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Wordley Martin Launches New Website With E-Commerce Capability

Wellington, FL – Wordley Martin, a leading developer of equestrian properties and premier riding surfaces, has launched a new website,, which includes an e-commerce page, enabling customers from all corners of the country to maintain the quality of their arena by purchasing arena drags as well as replacement drag parts online.

Known for overseeing private arena construction for Olympic athletes in show jumping, dressage, and eventing, Wordley Martin co-owners Sharn Wordley and Craig Martin have leveraged their personal grand prix riding experience to produce equestrian surfaces that the best of the best can ride on with confidence. In addition to personal arenas, Wordley Martin has also designed competition rings at several venues, including TerraNova Equestrian Center in Myakka City, Florida, HITS Post Time Farm, in Ocala, Florida, and most recently at HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York.

To keep their arenas in top condition, Wordley Martin has developed a series of drags, which can now be purchased on the website, and are available in five sizes: 5’, 5.5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’. Each Wordley Martin drag has several features essential to maintaining the ideal riding surface. The initial roller is followed by ripper teeth, spring teeth, and a final roller. The ripper teeth can be raised and lowered to cut through the footing, and the spring teeth can also be adjusted in their angle relative to the ground to optimally realign the sand. The second roller smooths everything over for a professional, even finish. Replacement ripper teeth, spring teeth, and rubber rollers are also available on the website’s e-commerce page.

The benefits of riding and training on a properly maintained arena include enhanced equine performance and minimized injury. Therefore, having the equipment to achieve this is a valuable part of any equestrian program. Now, producing the ideal riding surface for every ride will be even easier, with the necessary products just a click away on Wordley Martin’s convenient new e-commerce page.