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Wordley Martin Timelapse Video: NP Foster Site Construction & Arena Development Wellington, Florida

Wordley Martin was contracted by Tiffany Foster of NP Foster in Wellington to build and complete her new 10 acre farm. The project involved full site construction which included demolition of the old existing house, removing unsuitable soils and importing hundreds of loads of structural fill to bring the property up to suitable grades for drainage purposes.

The stormwater phase of the project involved installation of catch basins, drainage pipe interconnected throughout the property, digging of retention areas, ponds and swales.  Building pads where installed for the new barn & buildings, as well as the driveways and paddocks. Wordley Martin also constructed two outdoors arenas, two round pens, installed a 6 horse walker and completed all irrigation throughout the property. Sod installation for the paddocks and landscaping areas was the final step. Congratulations to Tiffany Foster / NP Foster’s team of equine athletes and riders!