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Central Equipment Kentucky Partners with Wordley Martin Equestrian

Wordley Martin partners with some of the best product and equipment providers in the industry.  That is why we are thrilled to announce that we have recently joined forces with Central Equipment, located in Lexington, Kentucky.

In addition to the large number of arenas that we design in Florida, Kentucky is another hub for top equine facilities and Wordley Martin Arena installations.  Through our partnership with Central Equipment, we are able to refer our clients for all of their farm maintenance needs.  Once your new Wordley Martin Arena is installed, the most important antidote to your surfaces’ long term performance is through our suggested regular maintenance. 

The best tool in your tool shed is the Wordley Martin Arena Drag, which conditions your riding arena effortlessly with it’s unique design features.  If you are in Kentucky, you can now source the drag directly through  Central Equipment!