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Summer Maintenance Crucial for Florida Arenas

As the Winter Equestrian Festival has come to an end, and you have closed up your Florida property for the summer, you may have left out one important step, your arena! Summer arena maintenance is an important process that is often overlooked when closing up.  Leave it to Wordley Martin to create a summer arena maintenance schedule for you. Summer arena maintenance should not be overlooked, in order to keep your arena in good working condition. Summer maintenance will ensure that your arena stays level, continues to drain properly, stays free of weeds, and is ready for your return in the fall. We recommend dragging the arena two times per month.

Please contact Wordley Martin at or (561) 328-9770 to schedule your summer maintenance.

Upcoming Projects

Wordley Martin is currently wrapping up a few arena projects in Kentucky as well as performing arena maintenance for several clients before they arrive to their Kentucky Farms for the summer. We have a few exciting projects coming up that will include large site development, custom stalls for a new barn in Loxahatchee, FL, and new arenas and Grand Prix fields in Wellington, FL. Stay tuned for photos of the completed projects!
Nicole Lyvere’s new ring in Kentucky!

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