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Why Wordley Martin Arena’s Bounce Back After Storms!

Since Memorial Day weekend, storms continued to drop heavy rains causing severe flooding and standing water throughout South Florida. In just one day Wellington received 4 inches of rain, bringing the monthly rainfall total to over 7 inches in the first half of June. 
Wordley Martin went around to check on some of the arenas we  have built  after the storms  to see how they held up while most of Wellington was flooded.   The below photo is of Tiffany Foster’s ring after a huge storm in June, and her ring drained perfectly while others were under water!


Benefits of Arena Drainage Layer

Weather can have an enormous effect on your daily horse care and training routine. During times of extreme weather, arena drainage is crucial to your horses soundness and the longevity of your arena.

A permeable, free flowing drainage layer increases the absorption rate which in turn, decreases the chance of water pooling in your arena. Pooling water can turn your arena into a sloppy mess preventing you from being able to ride, and can create soft spots that can affect your horses soundness from training on an uneven surface.

By adding a drainage layer to your outdoor arena constructed by Wordley Martin, you will be able to ride on a safe level arena no matter how much rain your arena receives.

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