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Sharn Making the Headlines Again!

You guessed it, Sharn is on a roll!  He’s now knocking on the door of the FEI top 50 rankings in the world.

We love this article in Noelle Floyd, featuring Sharn as the rider of the week.

Ph. Liz Crawley Photography
Ph. Liz Crawley Photography

As New Zealand’s Sharn Wordley entered the George H. Morris Arena on July 2ndaboard Sky Group’s Casper, the loudspeakers rang out, “He’s had a heck of a year on this horse, folks, with wins all over the place!”

The introduction not only predicted the pair’s win in that evening’s $130,000 Adequan Grand Prix CSI3* in Tryon, North Carolina, it also perfectly summed up Wordley’s ongoing success in this 2016 show season.

A record 12,000 spectators were in attendance for the Saturday Night Lights event, creating a buzz throughout the entire arena.

“The venue and the experience they’ve created [in Tryon] certainly rivals Wellington, and it was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever ridden in” Wordley said.

Sharn has certainly been tearing it up this summer in Tryon with the goal in mind of making the 2018 WEG team for New Zealand.  The question now is, where will the WEG be held with Bromont pulling out of the mix.

Here’s some great footage of Sharn and Barnetta, one of his other top mounts, in the Tryon 4* GP.

We’ve also created Sharn’s new athelete page on Facebook, so please take a look and like his page!

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