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International Riders Mikela & Henrik Gundersen!

Glynnie Walford (our Martin Collins partner) is currently making the rounds down in Florida & had the opportunity to visit clients Mikela & Henrik Gundersen.  Mikela is a Danish International Dressage Competitor and Trainer who has shown on the Danish Team and her husband is an International Show Jumper!  Thank you to the Gundersons for this positive endorsement of our product:

” I went over to Tuny Page’s Stillpoint Farm to train with Lisa Wilcox and every time I went there my horses were ‘flying’ and moving better.  One day one of my clients said: “is it just because you ride better with Lisa or does it have something to do with the footing that makes the difference!”.  At the time I was quite happy with my sand at home but I had to admit there was a big difference riding on Tuny’s surfaces.  So I decided to call Martin Collins and installed their CLOPF(r) fiber into my sand surface at home.

My husband Henrik is an international show jumper and both he and I are really impressed with the way our horses move on the CLOPF® footing and it works perfectly for both of us.  We consider it a great investment.”

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