Thinking of refurbishing your arena, or even starting a design from scratch? Let Wordley Martin help create your ideal riding environment.

International grand prix riders Sharn Wordley and Craig Martin have leveraged their decades of experience in the saddle towards creating a premium riding surface you can train on with confidence. From the base level and drainage, to the irrigation and maintenance, every detail is carefully considered to maintain an exceptionally high standard of execution. Whether it is a traditional outdoor arena, covered area, indoor arena, or gallop track, Wordley Martin’s unique sand mixture, incorporating textiles and fibers, results in a dust-free surface to ideally support every impact.

Wordley Martin treats every project as though they are building for themselves. You’ll see why we are the choice of Olympic show jumpers, dressage athletes, and eventers alike. Find more information on our website and reach out to us to learn more at 561-328-9770 or info@wordleymartin.com.