The Odyssey Performance Trainer is the next step in conditioning and training without constraints and replaces the old style walking machines, treadmills, hand-walking or ponying. The Odyssey uses state-of-the-art technology to help exercise and rehabilitate all breeds of horses. These machines are fast becoming the industry standard for training professionals world-wide and many owners agree that they can pay for themselves in just a couple of years.

The Odyssey Performance Trainer allows horses to move freely between a set of gates that travel inside a circular fenced track. This allows them to move naturally as they would in a paddock or on a lunge line, but at a specified pace chosen by the trainer and can even be programmed into the Odyssey’s computer module. For maximum versatility, the speed and direction of the gates may also be operated manually giving the trainer full control.



classyBangleWhether it is keeping your racing or performance horses in shape, rehabilitating injured animals or exercising stallions and broodmares, the Odyssey is the most versatile exercising machine currently on the market.

The Performance Series of horse exerciser was designed to withstand the abuse of a working facility. Whether you are training race horses, exercising sport horses and or rehabilitating horses, our machine is one of the heaviest built machines on the market without compromising wear and tear on strategic parts.

Years of upgrading the Odyssey have produced a very balanced machine capable of running for years with little maintenance.






• 2 HP/230v helical parallel gear motor with HD Bearing – sealed unit to withstand harsh environment
• Complies with NEMA standard MG1
• Whisper Quiet
• Pre-stretched harden chain drive for better torque
• Gear box contains high grade Synthetic oil for superior operation

• Entire framework constructed from steel-Gauge is directly related to each component’s function
• All components are welded for strength
• Hot Dipped Galvanized for added durability and rust resistance

• Extra wide 7”6” rounded corner heavy duty welded wire gate rubber guard strips for added safety
• Rigid sides – prevent twisting during operation
• Attached to adjustable main arm with resilient polymer hinges- swing more freely

• All panels are inspected, approved and weather resistant
• Sealed to protect from dust and moisture
• Includes 30amp main power disconnect switch, emergency stop, ventilation & 230/12v transformer

• Enclose your trainer for all weather use
• Provide protection from the elements
• Preserve footing material
• Less expensive alternative to our full roof that will keep your exerciser operational in every season
• Innovative single truss design provides max clearance on the inside of building for overall safety
• Steel posts and trusses with wooden purlins
• Choose from a variety of Steel Roofing

• Designed for North American Elements
• Standard 50’, 60’ and 70ft buildings – custom sizes avail.
• Unique Spider Ring in peak joining trusses
• Main trusses fabricated with I-Beam – gives larger than actual feeling
• Tall 28’ building brings the focal point of your farm
• Hot-Dipped Trusses and Purlins –prevents rusting and longer lasting frame
• Many choices to choose from for the steel roofing
• Posts can be hotdipped galvanized or powder-coated
• Custom Cupolas available

Sizes available range from 4-10 horses ranging from 50ft-100ft

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