Martin Collins USA Becomes Official Footing of PRO!

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Martin Collins USA Teams Up with The Professional Riders Organization as the Official Footing of PRO

January 11, 2012, Vero Beach, FL:  We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Martin Collins USA as the Official Footing of The Professional Riders Organization. With over 2,000 stadium and private installations in Europe, Martin Collins premium synthetic surfaces are synonymous with quality. Martin Collins CLOPF and MC Ecotracksets the standard for premium synthetic surfaces and Martin Collins Equine Surfaces are the United Kingdom’s market-leader of premium footing.

“The quality of footing has really become an important area of focus for U.S. riders,” said Phillip Dutton, President of PRO. “Training and competing over good, consistent footing helps to keep horses sound and confident as they move up the levels, which is really important for owners and riders who invest so much time and money into producing a horse to the top level.”

“Martin Collins USA recognized in partnering with the Professional Riders Organization, a terrific opportunity to work with people who mirror our objectives in pioneering safe surfaces on which to both train and compete the equine athlete,” said Glynnie Walford, CEO of Martin Collins USA. ”As a long established provider of quality footing, we are excited to embark on what we know will be a long and successful association with PRO, which we trust will be of benefit to all.  It is the Martin Collins pledge to continue to produce surfaces, which allow the horse to work to its optimum performance level with the least amount of stress and strain to the musculoskeletal system.”

“We look forward to working with Martin Collins USA and Glynnie Walford in offering opportunities to demonstrate why using quality footing products can help make a positive impact on the overall health and soundness of our equine athletes.” said Samantha Lendl, Executive Director of PRO. “Once you see how these surfaces perform and listen to the sound or lack thereof of horses’ hooves as they train, you will be impressed with the incredible quality of Martin Collins products.”

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